What is Daetech Systems, and what does it specialize in?

 Daetech Systems is a company that specializes in providing custom desiged Digital Forensics,   Video Analysis, Evidence Retrieval & Intelligence Gathering solutions for Law Enforcement, Military, and Government Agencies Globally. 

Is Daetech Systems committed to data security and privacy?

At Daetech Systems (UK) Ltd, we value your trust and respect your privacy. We are committed to protecting your personal data and ensuring that it is used only for the purposes that you have consented to. We use state-of-the-art encryption, firewalls, and other security measures to safeguard your data from unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, or deletion. We also comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding data protection and privacy, such as the General Data Protection Regulation 

What support options are available for Daetech Systems’s users?

Our support options include :- Systems Hardware Support, Software Updates and Technical Support, Hardware Repairs & Upgrades,  Annual Support & Maintenance Contracts.


What makes Daetech Systems stand out in the field of forensic analysis solutions?

We believe that we Daetech Systems stand out in the field of forensic analysis solutions because : - 

We provide custom designed and manufactured Evidence Retrieval, Evidence processing and Intelligence Gathering solutions for the top Law Enforcement, Military, Public Safety and Government Agencies worldwide.

  We design and build our solutions based on the operational and environmental requirements of our clients.

  We continually invest in R&D projects aimed at improving technology and services in the fight against crime and terrorism. We are global partners with Cognitech Inc, the world leading forensic analysis software developer, and are suppliers, integrators and developers of Cognitech's full range of forensic image analysis products.

How long can the MIDAS range of portable solutions run on batteries?

Battery runtime varies  depending on the specification and version   of MIDAS solution.

Does Cognitech Trisuite 64 come with a licence key?

Yes, Cognitech Trisuite 64 software is provided with a single user USB licence key which is required in order for the applications to run. 

Can you recommend a beginner-friendly photogrammetry software for someone new to the field?

Yes, Cognitech's Automeasure application is extremely user friendly having a built in 'Walk through' user interface to guide the user through the various stages without requiring in-depth photogrammetry, math or  geometry knowledge.       

What can Daetech's MIDAS solution be used for?

Daetech Systems award winning MIDAS system was primarilly designed as a CCTV and Digital media evidence retrieval and forensic processing solution but it has evolved to become the Ultimate portable Evidence & Intelligence Gathering, Forensic Analysis and Video Synopsis processing solution.   

What applications are included in Cognitech Trisuite64?

Cognitech world leading Forensic software Trisuite64 includes : VideoActive, Video Investigator & Automeasure software applications. 

Do Daetech systems offer a custom solution design service?

Yes, Daetech are able to customize existing solutions or develope specific solutions to meet clients operational and environmental requirements.  

Is there an option for 5G communications on Daetech's MIDAS range of portable solutions?

Yes, Daetech are able to offer the option of 5G data communications on their MIDAS portable solution  for most countries that have an existing 5G cellular network infrastructure in place.