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My Cognitech Cloud

Cognitech launch subscription based, cloud Access for forensic video enhancement software tools which can be used from anywhere, anytime

My Cognitech Cloud (MC2) is a streaming service for Forensic Video Investigation software, accessible remotely from the Cloud using your desktop or tablet devices. Connect from anywhere with an internet connection. Upload your data using our secure transfer protocol. Process your data. When you’re done, securely download the files back to your local device and no trace of data remains on the Cloud. Fast, Reliable, Secure. learn More

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forensic workstatiosn
6 new forensic workstations for indonesia

With over 25 systems already supplied into Indonesia, this month has seen a further 6 of the newest advanced forensic workstations ship to Indonesia.

The latest 2021/2022 forensic workstation has an all new look combined with the latest Cognitech Tri-Suite 64 forensic suite.
The systems will be bolstering Indonesia's capabilities and will be heading to various locations across the large network of islands.

December 2021

Vietnam online training

With the ongoing Covid pandemic and with many travel restrictions still in place, Daetech have been running private online classes.
 A weeks online class was run with 2 departments within the Vietnamese police covering the portable retrieval solutions, EMS software and an introduction to the forensic software capabilities.

For more information on online course please don't hesitate to contact us.

December 2021



After winning the contract in November 2013 to supply all the equipment for collating, viewing, processing and analysis of all the CCTV, Video and broadcast footage relating to the investigation by the  AV team at Operation Resolve, Daetech continue to support Operation Resolve, the police investigation into the Hillsborough Disaster. 

Now 8 years on with the inquest concluded and the investigation turning to the upcoming criminal trials the CCTV and multimedia evidence is as crucial as ever. 

Daetech continue to provide support to Operation resolves AV team and the vast array of equipment and software. Daetech will continue to provide support, advice and services until the conclusion of the trials.

Daetech also continue to support the IOPC’s continuing concurrent investigation.

Feb 2020